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"Getting it done right the first time, protecting your family and home."

Energy costs are going nowhere but up. Could your crawlspace be costing you money?
Call Carolina Crawlspace Solutions for a consultation & find out!

In the summer, warm, moist air beneath your home makes it harder to keep the home cool. And in the winter, a cold, drafty crawlspace makes your furnace work overtime. Crawlspace improvements can lower your energy costs and make your home more comfortable, whatever the season.

Carolina Crawlspace Solutions, Inc. was founded to provide a simple solution to an old problem. How do you keep the moisture in your crawlspace from entering your living space? How do you keep mold and structural decay from destroying your house? How can you improve your indoor air quality? How can you get rid of musty odors? Moisture Control is the key!


A messy crawl space with torn insulation and debris on the ground

We serve all Eastern North Carolina cities such as Morehead City, New Bern, Beaufort, Jacksonville, Kinston, Washington. All backed by our 25 year warranty and quality service! As a builder for over 30 years Leonard Farrugia, president of Carolina Crawlspace Solutions Inc. has build his career on remediation and preventing the damage moisture can cause. Thousands of dollars in repairs, decreased property value, not to mention mold and related health problems, moisture can wreak havoc on a beautiful home.

A few weeks ago I earned the Crawlspace Encapsulation Specialist Credential from North Carolina Building Performance Association.  To earn the credential, I attended a two-day classroom and field-based training workshop and passed an examination that tested my knowledge of building science, crawl space encapsulation practices, code requirements and much more.  Learn more about the workshop and my fellow credentialed professionals here.  Have questions on crawl spaces?  Let me know – I’m a credentialed Specialist!” 

A cluttered crawl space with wooden beams and plastic sheeting on the ground

air quality

​​Amazingly, over 50% of your home's air come from your crawl space...


white, patchy mold growth on a wooden beam

Scientific studies all agree: the key to mold control is moisture control.

Molds produce allergens, irritants, and potentially toxic substances. Mold is present in every home, as well as outdoors, but without moisture it can not grow to harmful levels.

dust mites

Close-up view of numerous dust mites on a textured surface

Mites are tiny microscopic animals that leave behind fecal matter and disintegrating body parts, powerful allergens when inhaled. 

Air Quality
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